The Importance of Color in our Homes

The secret to any great home décor is the creative use of colors. If you have carefully selected colors that represent your feelings than you can live every day of your life satisfied.

But the real secret is adding lots of variety of color to your home. This variety goes a long way in establishing a happy life filled with different feelings. If you know anything about the power of colors, then you would try as much as to add all the colors you want.

The Secret Meanings Behind Colors

Brands are always using colors to manipulate your feelings. They get you to buy their products solely based on the colors that they use in their products. This Is because subconsciously re-inforce feelings you already have in your mind.

Colors have the property of invoking certain feelings inside you. For example, the color red invokes the feeling of love, power, passion, alertness. You could use this color artistically in a room where you feel there could be a lot of need for love or attention.

Similarly, you could use green color to signify growth, development and a connection with nature. This along with a peaceful blue could be very beneficial in a child’s room. A child will constantly look to these colors and it will help them subconsciously by activating those feelings inside them. Pair this with our Tyra blanket and you have got yourself the whole package. This artistic blanket uses a blend of primarily blue and lime-green colors along with a robotic geometric design to bring forth a feeling of peace. This feeling of peace will be very necessary when your child is trying to sleep or just has it around them for comfort.

Using Variety to Enhance Your Living Experience

You obviously want to invoke many feelings in your house hold life. Using colors is an efficient way to do that. This obviously does not mean that you go ahead and color your walls a certain color. It only means that you have certain items or artistic decorations that aid in invoking that feeling.

Everyone has a favorite room in their house that they love to sit in and spend time. But what makes it their favorite room? Is it the temperature? Is it the amount of light in that room? Or is it the general feeling that this room invokes?

Well in most of the cases we go to these room only because they have us at peace. You could always enhance the experience this by making certain artistic choices. It is advised to always have a certain room coded to a single color but this is no certain hard and fast rule. If you to do that then have all of your rooms done in that way. This creates a rainbow of rooms that all have feelings attached to them. But it is better to have more variety in a single room. This does not make your house monotonous in its decoration and helps in the way if making evert room a good experience.

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