My bedroom. My sanctuary

Are you looking for great ideas to decorate your bedroom? Bear in mind that the bedroom is a personal sanctuary and get away, which should give an expression of your feelings, colors, and collections. So, how do you do it? Blankets! Get yourself some exquisite blankets, and you will feel great every time you walk into your bedroom. Create a focal point by adding a colorful Liv hÿggelter blanket onto a white bed sheet and why not……. a matching pillow.

The following are ideas on decorating your bedroom and turning it into the warm space it is supposed to be:

Choose Restrained Colors

You don’t want to adorn your bedroom in primary colors. It is always good to work with monochromatic tones of soothing shades of green, lavender or blue. These serene and calm colors will put you into the comfortable and cozy mood. You may want to add some topaz, pomegranate, and brown. If you have a favorite color, use a toned-down version of it.

Keep It Simple

Every bedroom needs to be decorated to look simple, cozy, elegant, and sophisticated. Choose a bed that is as big as the size of the room. The bed should sit at least three feet from large furniture pieces or the walls. Maintain a space of at least two feet from the bed to other pieces of furniture such as dressers and tables.

Have only essential pieces of furniture such as a chair, dresser, one or two tables, and a bed. All else will only leave your room looking cluttered. Use some accessories if you must but only keep them at the very minimum. Some candles, flowers, family photos, and artwork should suffice.

Get Some Good Linens

A bedroom needs to feature some luxurious and beautiful fabric. Start by getting a few colorful,soft, and warm hÿggelter blankets. Also get a few elegant linens. Your bed sheets should essentially be 100 percent linen or cotton with thread counts of more than 350. After washing your sheets, it is important that you wash and press them for a smooth, even finish. Also think of having a cashmere or mohair chair cover, silk wall covers, silk draperies or bed canopy, exquisite floor mat.

Cover Windows

Why should you dress the windows? Create a frame to the view even as you give your bedroom some characteristic softness, texture, pattern, and color. Use soft transparent curtains to filter light during the day and impervious roller blinds for maintaining privacy when pulled down during the night for privacy. The drapery lining and opaque blinds are great for blocking the sun when you must sleep late.

Lighting Is Key

Make sure you provide layered lighting in your bedroom. Use ambient lighting to light the entire room and small lamps to provide focused light on the reading table. Accent light, on the other hand, is great for softly illuminating the walls. Ensure you are able to adjust each of the different light to a dimmer option when you need it. It is also necessary that each light has its own on/off switch so that you are able to light only the area you want.

If you are looking for great  blankets, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We can give you options that will help bring life to your bedroom.

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