How to enjoy the beach in winter

Its no doubt the beach is one of the most popular vacation destinations for many families across the country. During the summer month which is the best time people visit the beach, it can get overrun with vacationers, and even the late spring months, extending into August or September. Planning a trip to the beach during winter period might not be something you are thinking of, but this is something you should do. Why? The reason is that there are beautiful things you can do with your family during this period… Some of them include:

  1. Walk or drive along the shore

The water will be too cold to swim during the winter period, so toss on a fuzzy hat and a sweater. Take the hand of a loved one and walk down to the shore while talking with them or simply enjoying the sounds of wind and water. OR better still up in your car, roll down your windows and drive slowly along the packed sand of the beach. However, pay close attention to the beach sands conditions as this can be tricky to drive on.

  1. Treasure hunt

During this period of the year, treasures like shells, driftwood and rocks tend to wash up on the ocean’s edge. So, if you come over with your children, you can challenge them to retrieve these treasures. Or you can even give back to nature by challenging them to retrieve man-made treasures like bottles – keep our beaches beautiful and clean.

  1. Dip your toes in the ocean

Forget about the fact that the sun is not shinning; the ocean makes us better people. So take off your shoes and socks and make them wet. There is no better feeling like having fresh water on your feet and sand between your toes.

  1. Cozy around a campfire

As the sun goes down, set up a campfire and bring out some hot cocoa; and get some cool the blankets to keep you warm (talking about blankets you need to choose the right one like the hÿggelter blanket. The magic of a campfire is strong in any season. But it is all that more enticing when there is a temperature difference between the flames and your surroundings.

  1. Stretch and relax at a beach yoga session

When you visit the beach in winter, you might see or experience yoga lesson occurring along the stretched of beaches under grey and cloudy skies. They say summer bodies are made in winter – so get out there – try a beach yoga session!

One of the main reasons to come to the beach during the winter is to escape the crowds that often come in the summer and other months. You can take even more advantage of this, by having a good quality blanket like hÿggelter to keep you warm while you enjoy with your family or friends and enjoy even more space than usual.

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