How to become hygge: the secret ‘happiness’ formula

For several years we have read in the news, heard on the radio or just been told by someone we know that Nordic countries are often amongst the top five happiest in the world, according to United Nations annual reports. And, of course, at that moment you start thinking: Why? What do they eat? Are they married? What can I do to be as happy as them? OK, do not worry. Just grab a cup of coffee, chill out and learn the 10 steps that will lead you a hygge life, considered the secret formula of happiness.

  1. Be efficient in your routine

How do you feel when you have a lot of work to do and by the end of the day you have not finished your tasks? Or when you wake up on Sunday morning with a day planned full of activities but before you know it, it is time to go to bed and you haven’t done them all? Not good? Wellness starts taking effect when you feel comfortable with yourself so it is very important to organize your tasks and make achievable plans so that you feel satisfied when you finish your day and forget about feeling frustrated. So, let´s start by writing a list of your goals and assign a time for each task. By measuring how likely they are to be done during the scheduled time it will improve your efficiency. This will quickly create a feeling of satisfaction and self-confidence.

  1. Do you feel you are in a comfortable atmosphere?

How about lighting a few candles while listening to some good music this evening? Take this advice and put it into practice today: it consists of trying to remove any outside elements that are disturbing your peace such as external noises, the TV, phone, etc and try to find that point of peace that puts you in in a comfortable mood. We recommend you listen to a Spotify list called A Warm Life, then turn the lights down and light some candles while you prepare dinner. How does it feel now?

  1. Live in the moment – be here and now

What if you forget about the future for a moment? What if you try to put aside your worries for at least five minutes? This is a good exercise but kind of difficult to do, and it consists of trying to stop thinking about whatever you were thinking of at that moment and pay attention to your present. For example: enjoy the moment when having lunch with a friend; enjoy your kids while they are running through the park; stand up and just face the sun for a few seconds. It takes some practice, but it is very rewarding. How do feel now? OK, try it again tomorrow, and repeat it every day.

  1. Do some exercise

It is a well known scientific fact that exercising releases endorphins (also known as happiness hormones). So, no excuses and let´s find a moment every day to move your body. You would be surprised if you realized how many ways you can do physical exercise, but do not worry because here you have a little help from us: Use the stairs and skip elevators, you can use your bike to go to work if you live close enough, always leave your work at a reasonable time and go for a walk every afternoon etc. (*)

  1. Breathe

There is a huge movement all around the world promoting the “conscious breathing” moment of the day. If you are a newbie in this area, do not worry. There are lots of audio guides on to help you with a short breathing routine every morning and evening. It will take just ten minutes of your day, and will help you rest better, improve your concentration, relax and feel better with your body. If you have never done these kinds of exercises, we recommend this beginners’ audio guide:

  1. Eating healthy

Eating healthy is not just about a diet program, eating is just a part of “being” healthy (maybe the most important part of it). We are what we eat and it is very important to know what we eat. In any case we prefer organic vegetables and fruits and avoid processed foods. Eating healthy helps strengthen the immune system and improve physical performance. The best advice we can give you, regarding your nutrition, is to see a doctor or a health coach and ask for specific nutritional advice according to your health and body condition. (*)

  1. Drink wine

This is maybe the best part of this article and, at the same time, the most flexible as well because there is not just one way of enjoying a glass of wine. However, here we provide you with some tips to make it even better. First, is it red? Okay, let´s prepare a piece of Gouda cheese (or similar) with some nuts on a plate and serve the wine at 16°C. Is it white wine? No problem, you can put some raisins and a few green grapes in a bowl and we recommend serving the wine at 8°C. Oh, you would like some rosé… right?  Then we suggest some anchovies on crackers or on tomato bread and the best temperature is 10°C. Whether it is red, white or rosé we strongly recommend you find a comfortable place and enjoy it happily (and of course, drink responsibly).

  1. Light a fire

One of our favorite moments of the winter is when we share a moment of relaxation and joy next to the fire, and even more so if it is amongst friends. So, do you still have no plans for next Friday? The best thing you can do tomorrow is start organizing a dinner at home, or maybe you can book a table in that lovely place where they have a big fireplace. Yes, we know it sounds great. The best way to enjoy this moment is having a good time with your company, laughing aloud and enjoying the evening. So, Send us some pictures of that fire!

  1. Read a book

Reading a book is an activity that requires a degree of responsibility to avoid giving up on it. Moreover, finishing a book feels rewarding, it is comparable to winning a competition. It is also good as an element of creativity, entertainment and distraction. They are all positive feelings.

  1. Get warm with a hÿggelter blanket

If you think you have seen it all and nothing in the world would make you feel surprised, you should live the experience of getting warm with a hÿggelter blanket. We warn you that it is an experience of the senses that you were not expecting. Once you receive our exclusive box at your home, you will first see something different because they are real pieces of art converted into sofa blankets thanks to our artists. Then you touch the fabric and you think: wow, it cannot be possible – it’s so soft! But don’t worry because we have all been there before. And when you wrap yourself in it, you will get another inexplicable stimulus… its secret fragrance.

So, now that you have the secret formula of happiness, you should go and tell everybody that you have become a hygge person, and share your knowledge with your friends and family after putting these ten steps into practice.

Enjoy life!


(*) This article is not a medical prescription, it does not include an exercise routine prepared by a professional, nor is it a suggestion of a nutritional plan. If in doubt, consult your doctor to obtain an appropriate balanced diet and an adequate plan of exercise according to your health condition.

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